Posted: 8/7/2021 7:00:15 AM

Gov. Sununu quietly signed a bill that was sponsored by marketplace and passed to NH’s GOP management by Us citizens for Prosperity (AFP). The bill places a roadblock between NH’s Section of Environmental Expert services and their colleagues in other New England states, any regional compacts, and even federal agencies. It was built to halt all speak concerning the adjustments that are occurring in the transportation sector to incorporate electrical vehicles into our area and financial state.

HB 373 was signed into regulation with language that places acceptance from equally the NH Legislature and government council in between NH DES and its skill to operate with any colleagues performing on transportation emissions. The transportation sector makes up 44% of NH’s emissions and is the evident up coming alternative for our notice in conditions of weather policy. The governor is pleased to do AFP’s bidding and therein lies the rub. The NH Property Science, Engineering & Power Committee have to return to making use of science to guide its conclusions on behalf of New Hampshire. The existing chairman, Rep. Michael Vose, stated in a community listening to that he believes electrical autos are a fad, even while every main car or truck manufacturer has announced conclusion-dates for new automobiles with combustion engines.

The governor must know superior than to set his personal political upcoming ahead of the state’s long run. We require leaders who do not bury their heads in the sand. Disregarding fact is the costliest decision and our GOP leaders are not only selecting it, but they are also enshrining it in regulation.

Kat McGhee