It was the spring of 1960, throughout the fierce Democratic Get together presidential primary in Wisconsin.

John F. Kennedy was because of for a big rally at the outdated Schroeder Lodge, and one of the organizers was the secretary of his condition marketing campaign, Democratic point out Sen. James B. Brennan.

Brennan forgot just a single small element: lining up a singer for the Kennedy marketing campaign topic music, “Substantial Hopes.”

So, Brennan got up to the stage, took the microphone and, as he recalled in the course of a 1968 interview with researchers at the JFK Library, “commenced it off flat, flatter than a pancake.”

Brennan by some means produced his way as a result of the tune and Kennedy adopted with a deadpan remark that broke up the group: “Thank you, Senator Brennan, for singing that music like it is by no means been sung right before.”